Reunion and Rama’s Eternal Rule

The flames of Agnipariksha, having tested and vindicated Sita’s purity, became a beacon that guided Ayodhya into a new era. The kingdom, once veiled in whispers of doubt, now stood bathed in the celestial glow of cosmic approval. The citizens, their hearts filled with renewed faith, prepared for the grand reunion of Rama and Sita. […]

Rumors and Sita’s Agnipariksha

Rumors, like insidious tendrils, crept through the city. The citizens, their hearts once united in jubilation, now found themselves entangled in a web of speculation. The whispers questioned Sita’s purity—her unwavering virtue during her captivity in Lanka, a virtue that had withstood the trials of fire. Sita, the epitome of purity and sacrifice, felt the […]