As the moon bathed the demon city in an eerie glow, Hanuman, with flames of resolve flickering in his eyes, assumed a form that mirrored the elemental force of fire. His fur turned the color of burning embers, and his very essence radiated a scorching heat—a manifestation of the divine fire that dwelled within him.

With a resolute leap, Hanuman soared into the heart of Lanka, his silhouette a beacon of cosmic retribution. The city, though seemingly asleep, would soon be jolted awake by the inferno of redemption that the vanara heralded. His first destination—Ravana’s grand palace, where the demon king’s arrogance echoed through the corridors like an unholy anthem.

Hanuman, the embodiment of divine fury, unleashed his wrath upon the palace. Flames danced along the walls, consuming the decadence that bore witness to the cruelty inflicted upon Sita. The grandeur of Ravana’s throne room became a furnace of retribution as the vanara’s fiery form filled the halls with a luminescent rage.

Meanwhile, Sita, imprisoned in the grove, sensed the celestial turmoil that unfolded beyond her confines. The flames that licked the horizon reflected in her eyes—an inferno of redemption that mirrored the relentless spirit of Rama’s emissary.

As the blaze reached its crescendo, Hanuman descended to the hallowed grove where Sita awaited. His fiery form subsided, revealing the vanara in his original state. The flames that had purged Lanka now rested within the depths of his eyes—a beacon of unwavering determination.

Hanuman approached Sita, his words carrying the resonance of Rama’s love and the impending war that would unfold for her sake. The news of Rama’s unwavering commitment stirred hope in Sita’s heart—a flicker of light in the midst of the consuming darkness.

Having delivered the message and purged Lanka with the divine fire of retribution, Hanuman prepared to return to the Vanara Kingdom. The night, now illuminated by the fading embers of the celestial blaze, held the echoes of a city transformed by the inferno of redemption.

As Hanuman soared into the skies, the gods whispered silent hymns, and the celestial beings marveled at the vanara’s audacity. The odyssey that had begun with the soaring flight across the ocean had culminated in the cleansing fire that marked the first chapter of Lanka’s demise.

The return journey carried the weight of destiny. Hanuman, with the message of hope etched in his heart, soared back to the Vanara Kingdom. The news of Sita’s plight and the celestial blaze that had purged Lanka would set the wheels of war in motion—a war that would test the mettle of gods, demons, and mortals alike.